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An overview of currently available webinars


From time to time Capable K9s presents online webinars. Click on any of the Webinars listed to the right to register or if there are no upcoming webinars scheduled, please contact me with an expression of interest and I will add you to the waiting list and email you back when I have another webinar scheduled.

Training Your Dog with Love

Training Your Dog with Love is a detailed introduction to positive reinforcement dog training. In this webinar I give you an overview of the core principles of R+ training and how to implement it in daily life. I will introduce you to both the science behind this training style and the aspects of the art of effective communication with your dog. I give an overview of the basic techniques like moulding, capturing, shaping, chaining behaviours and behaviour modification in addition to discussing currency, markers and timing with 15 minutes at the end for question and answer time. The webinar also includes a power point presentation.

Completing this webinar is a requirement of entry to the Assistance Dog Training progam in order to understand the fundamentals of positive reinforcement training and from time to time I offer it as a public webinar.

This webinar is conducted via Skype and is limited to 5 participants.

Assistance Dog Handlers Webinar

This is an hour long webinar aimed at newer assistance dog handlers who would like some advice from a handler with over a decade of experience. This webinar is a requirement for all Capable K9 Assistance Dog Teams but is open to any handler wishing to get a greater understanding of what the law says and how the law applies, handler etiquette, rights and responsibilities, how to handle the public and addressing access challenges and assistance dog saftey. I also include 15 minutes at the end for question and answer time.

This webinar will be conducted via Skype and is limited to 5 participants.